Nico Zuaro was born in 1973. At 15e he bought his first 12 inches. Soon he bought two turntables and mixer.After lot of practice he began to turn in some clubs in Bruges . On hese 18e he was resident DJ at cocktailbar bananas where he turned 3 years.On his 21st birthday , he began to spin the decks in club strip Roeselare on Friday and Sunday . After two years it was one step higher in the famous club oxygene Knokke where he was resident DJ on Friday and Saturday with renowned DJs as phi phi, Laurent warin, Fred , Zzino ect. Nico zuaro was also known as a DJ at raving zone on tour.On Sunday, he was guest DJ at many clubs. After a long stop he is back in the music scene world again where he beginning to producing deep house and techno music.Also he is still required to played at some large events.





Fareed Merwall (also know as DJ Fat Bass) was born in Brussels, the turntable of Europe. it was here, while very young, that discovered his passion for the music. At 13 years, he discovered the electronic music and thanks to Marco Bailey and his hit Scorpia and this is were the revelation began. He started to compose music with the influences from Marco Bailey, Furax, Carl Cox and Sven Vath...






Sonic Waves was born from the minds of producers/dj's Nico Zuaro and Niko Hoffman.


After meeting in 2013 they realised they shared the same taste in music, which led to the Sonic Waves podcasts.


It didn't take long for them to take the next step, producing.

Over the next two years they finetuned their musical influences into own productions.


Their productions, explore the deep side of


electronica,tech house,deep house and techno.





Avid of music since the age of 13, and influenced by Dj's such as Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Todd Terry, Laurent Top started out as a musical programmer in 1988 alongside Ludovic Marshall, at the SIS Mouscron radio. In 1990, the 2 friends offered to the Galaxie radio station the « Dynamix », a unique concept of electronic music (New Beat, House...) and became the forerunners. The places he frequented (sky Line, 55 Fives, The Boccaccio Life, At the Villa..) enriched him musically. At the same period, he is found back behind the decks of the « L'Altesse Club », better now today as the « Minoï ». From 1991 to 1994, he was the resident of « L'Eden » and « Paradis Malin », both popular and trendy bars in Mouscron. His meeting with Claude Monnet in 1994 led him to discover the Parisian House environment and the parties at the Bataclan, organized by none other than the now famous David Guetta. During the Then came in 1995 the major turning point of his career, when for 9 years he inflamed, with the rhythm of House music, the After of « La Bush ». His musical opening led him to take charge of the Great Hall in a more groovy style. From 2003 to 2008, he was the resident of l'Escape, Star Rock, Lauren's and La Bush. In September 2008, Laurent Top was offered a residence at the Graffton Club every friday. All these years' work took concrete form in October 2008, when Muriel of the H20 Club , Great personality of the world of Belgium night, offered him a residence on saturdays in the Main Room. Booking in Belgium and foreign countries : Rêve d'O, Catacombes, Nova, H20, Zoo, as well as Kest West, Tapis Rouge, Space, Pacha Ibiza... He also played alongside : Kenny Hawkes, César De Melero,Dj George's, Olivier Peters,   dj Pippi, Bruno, Daniele Poli, Elias, Reche, Arman van Helden, Georges Morel, Roger Sanchez , Marko,  100% Isis, Marchello, Paris avenue,Dan Tait, Tom Paris, Trevor Rockliffe, Colin Dale, Davis Asko, DaFresh, Yves DeRuyter, Ramon Tapia, Prinz, Smos & Baby bee, Fred Hush,Beat Ben, Baggi Begovic, David Tort, Kolombo, Loulou players, Super flu, Hatiras, Mickael Forzza, CP, Massimo Dacosta, Ludovic Rambaud,Didier Sinclair,  Dj Madskillz, Koen Groeneveld, Dj Butch, Sébastien Leger, Agoria, Gene Farris, Dj W!ld, Derrick Carter,Dj sneak, Matthias Tanzmann,Jam el mare, Jaydee, Joey Beltram   Gramaphonedzie, Green Velvet, Nalin & kane and many others.





These two DJs met each other early 2015 in Brussels while Neyba was mixing @ The Deep Corner on Thursdays with Fabio Simoné. (Corner Bar Brussels)


The funny thing about it was that Fareed was listening to Neyba’s set and asked if he could join for a back-to-back (without even knowing each other).


Neyba asked who the hell he was and said “no”.

The manager introduced Fareed to Neyba: “That’s Fareed Merwall of La Rocca on Sundays!”  

Neyba’s first reaction was: “Yeah sure, and I’m resident @ Pacha Ibiza you know… Everyone plays @ La Rocca these days…”


But it was true! The next party was with Fareed himself as a guest and he showed off his DJ-skills!

Neyba was stunned. What Fareed showed that night was pure magic!


They started playing together @ La Rocca (Lier) every Sunday in the Backstage with Timax for almost a year and other clubs and bars such as: Ace (Pepingen), Cruises to Pleasure (Antwerp), Bora Bora (Vilvoorde), Karma Club (Ghent) , De Nieuwe Viertrap (Scherpenheuvel), …

Also weekly radio shows on Topradio Aalter, where Neyba has his own show ‘Deep SubClub’ every Thursday 22.00 CET 104.7 FM / streaming


A true friendship grew between the two artists and, sharing the same passion for music, they decided to create a new duo: “Fareed & Neyba”.


In May of 2016  their first track was released in Klangwerk Records calling " Jason Heat - Ulysse (Fareed & Neyba Remix)


Recently they were invited to the radio show ‘Radio Activity’ on YouFM 106.9 (Mons) and were asked what style they produce & play? The answer was that there’s no really specific style that defines them; they create what they feel and try to bring that over to the audience.

They also played at Wanderlust Outdoor Festival by Eiland 9000 in july with Belgium's finest like Nico Morano, Neon, Phil Monday, ...


Fareed & Neyba; a duo that is complementary and that likes to work together.

You can describe them as one with knowledge & skills, the other one with talent & dedication.


"Together they create a unique style. Their journey has just begun!"